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April 2015 PC/104 & Embedded SFF - Right Sizing Your Embedded Application with the OneBank Spec.

An evolution that’s in step with the ascent of speedier and more sophisticated bus architectures is one reason…

Systems Integration

Any customer system (PC/104 or 3.5” board stack with/without custom system enclosure) can be fully integrated including custom O/S installation, peripheral card installation and configuration, board modifications, custom cabling, and customer specific testing requirements.


ADL Embedded Solutions offers a wide range of leading-edge and long-life PC/104 and 3.5” embedded boards and solutions that fit many demanding applications. A variety of engineering services aid the customer in customizing or ruggedizing our standard product offerings to meet their specific requirements or application.

2015 New Products


ADLQM67PC-3517UE - Gen3 Intel Core i7, 1.7 GHz SBC
ADLQM67PC-3517UE More information


ADLE3800HD Intel® E3800 Series SoC Processors
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