Over the past decade, PC architecture has become an accepted platform for far more than desktop applications. Dedicated and embedded applications for PCs are beginning to be found everywhere! PCs are used as controllers within vending machines, laboratory instruments, communications devices and medical equipment, just to name a few examples.

ADL Embedded Solutions' products are designed to help customers with the challenges of developing new products for the Embedded Industry. ADL Embedded Solutions helps customers address challenges such as speed, size, extended temperature, power consumption, ruggedness, expandability and more. We target applications using small form factors such as PC/104, 3.5" boards, and custom designs. In addition, we assist our customers in finding thermal solutions for the New line of ADL Embedded Solutions CPU's.

To complete our product line, we offer peripherals and all the necessary accessories our customers normally need to get their design up and running. Some examples of these accessories include cable kit's, power supplies, compact flash cards, and as well as advice on how to integrate our boards in the customer application.


Prompt Delivery of Over 600 Products

Long lead times and delivery delays can significantly lengthen the time to market for your products, costing you and your customer’s potential future business. ADL Embedded Solutions maintains inventory of finished goods for standard products on two levels:

  1. Larger Quantities (production lots) are Located at our Contract Manufacturer (Germany)
  2. Smaller Quantities are Stocked at our Corporate Headquarters in San Diego - CA

In addition, we keep significant amounts of PCBs stocked at our Contact Manufacturing site, further shortening the often long lead-times of components. With over 600 products to choose from, the depth of inventory in our warehouse assures you that we have product ready to ship when you place an order. We have the largest stock of top-quality Embedded products, and in most cases standard products ship within 5-7 working days. Our state-of-the-art computerized order fulfillment system routes your order to the shipping department to insure you prompt delivery.