The PCI bus rate is 33MHz on every board we sell…Except for 4 boards. The following 4 CPU boards have a clock rate of only 25MHz:

p/n 29231x ADLS15PC-11x 1.1GHz atom Z510 CPU

The 4 boards in the 31x product line use an Intel Z510 1.1 Ghz Atom processor, with a slightly slower 100MHz clock frequency to achieve the ultra-low power consumption. On these boards, the PCI bus is set to run 25MHz (a simple 4x divider from the main clock frequency).

Although 33MHz PCI buses are now standard across the industry,most OS and device drivers are tolerant of the slower 25MHz PCI clock. Although running the PCI bus at 25MHz does help lower the overall system power requirements, some RTOS and customized software may be affected.

If you must have the 33MHz PCI bus speed for your legacy code and I/O, you can simply upgrade to the 1.6GHz processor (exact same board but it uses the Intel Z530 1.6Ghz processor instead).

The following 4 boards are identical to those listed above, except they have the faster 1.6GHz CPU and a faster (33MHz) PCI bus.

p/n 29236x ADLS15PC-16x 1.6GHz atom Z530 CPU