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ADL Embedded Solutions is a leading provider of customizable, high-performance embedded solutions for demanding thermal and rugged environments across a range of vertical markets and industries. ADL Embedded Solutions’ diverse portfolio of products range from pre-configured to full-custom systems with CPU boards ranging from low-power Intel® Atom® processors through the latest generation, high-performance Intel® Core™ i5/i7 platforms.

All CPU board products can be delivered individually for customer integration or as part of a larger system or sub-system. Value-added services include board ruggedization for high shock and vibration and extended temperature screening for harsh cold or rugged environments. Engineering and Design services make it easy for embedded customers to collaborate with our engineers on topics ranging from system and mechanical design to driver and operating system support.


Much of the energy future for the US is founded on alternative energy sources and improvements to the national energy grid which is now more than 100 years old.  Significant resources are now being expended by industry and the federal government to create a new Smart Grid which will be capable of adjusting and readjusting the energy grid dynamically and in real-time to deliver and store energy in the most efficient and low-cost means possible, all while ensuring grid security and minimizing downtime.

According to the US Energy department’s website, “Like the Internet, the Smart Grid will consist of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment working together…” to coordinate alternative and traditional energy sources which will rely heavily on rugged, intelligent embedded systems in many parts of the grid.

  • Energy Grid security
  • Real-time energy adjustment
  • Efficient & low-cost energy storage
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Government & Defense

According to the latest DoD spending projections, future spending over the next decade will put a lesser emphasis on human resources and much greater emphasis on technology spending in areas such as unmanned autonomous systems (air, ground, water) and much of the supporting infrastructure like ground control stations, shipboard control stations and Command and Control systems.

Much of the emerging technology will need to be mobile/portable and bring greater intelligence to the edge of the battlefield.  These intelligent systems will need to be SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) optimized and be able to survive rugged and harsh environments in air, land and sea as outlined in the latest DoD Unmanned Systems Roadmap for 2013-2038.

  • Unmanned autonomous systems
  • Command and control stations
  • Mobile/portable intelligent systems
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Healthcare & Medical

The advent of the “Smart Hospital” is closer to reality now more than ever.  Innovations in cloud computing coupled with the latest generation of portable computing products, including higher-performance tablets, portable cloud-connected diagnostic equipment and autonomous systems makes possible a smart hospital room where the majority of diagnostic information is gathered bedside by bringing the equipment to the patient rather than the patient to the equipment.

Patient data is analyzed and stored with the push of a button and all patient data and records are available real-time.  If the patient needs to be moved, smart autonomous beds do the moving, all the while providing real-time location and patient information.

  • Cloud-connected diagnostics equipment
  • Autonomous patient-care systems
  • Portable real-time patient records
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According to the World Economic Forum, “The term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the seamless integration of the physical and digital worlds through networked sensors, machine learning and big data. The explosion of connected products and physical systems will present an enormous new market opportunity for many types of companies.”

Connected products and physical systems often exist in rugged or exposed environments from factory floors to oil and gas platforms, again putting the emphasis on rugged intelligent systems and rugged gateway products.  For many industries, IIoT has become not just a question of business necessity, but a question of survival.

  • Integration of physical and digital
  • Rugged intelligent systems
  • Rugged gateway products
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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT (IIoT) computing is not just for consumer applications like connected-homes and smart-appliances.  In fact, mobile computing and gateway products have been in industrial use for many years and find application in a broad array of military and industrial applications like vehicle fleet management, smart factories, smart buildings, train control, etc. What is new are innovations in cloud computing and cloud applications which bring the power of Big Data analysis and a host of advantages including:

  • New services such as Uber for on-demand transportation or similar applications in fleet management across all industries which not only increase visibility and availability, but also enable new efficiencies in fuel consumption.
  • Increased productivity and reduced equipment downtime through predictive maintenance.
  • Real-time, local data analysis of sensor and equipment data for more autonomous, local decision-making
  • Mobile computing and gateway products
  • Military and industrial applications
  • Big Data analysis
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Security & Surveillance

Beyond CCTV networks, biological and explosives trace detection, and communications monitoring, Security and Surveillance techniques have evolved into applications used to enhance personal safety, product production and even marketing tailored to individuals.  Today, ADL Embedded Solutions has clients that touch on many of these areas as well as, small form factor vision systems for border security, toll collection, highway surveillance, and commercial vehicle enforcement in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Often, security and surveillance systems are required to operate in exposed and rugged environments which makes ADL Embedded Solutions’ portfolio of rugged, extended temperature CPU boards and systems particular appropriate for many of these applications.

  • Small form factor vision systems
  • Rugged CPU boards and systems
  • Extended temperature monitoring systems
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Embedded PC Solutions can be leveraged in many Transportation applications. Owing to their ruggedness and flexible I/O, what is deployed in one environment is often easily adaptable to another.  Transportation applications can range from solar powered ticket and information kiosk to tracking and remote power train control in all manners of transportation environments from automotive and Avionic to people movers, fleet management and freight Railway.

The advent of Big Data analysis has created new innovations in areas such as train control and predictive maintenance, where mobile gateway computers monitor vehicle and train status, equipment status, wheel bearing temperatures and more, making local decisions and porting data to the cloud for further analysis and action. This brings with it major saving via reduced downtime and maintenance costs, fuel savings, production efficiency, and vehicle availability.

  • Automotive, avionic, and freight applications
  • Remote power train control
  • Predictive maintenance systems
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Unmanned Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems of all types now touch all parts of our society, from Google self-driving cars to military drones doing targeted strikes in the battlefield.  The autonomy of any system (car, aircraft, surface craft, underwater drone, etc) is directly related to the level of intelligence in the embedded computing that can be brought onboard.  Processing power has to be high-enough to run sophisticated decision-making algorithms, all the while keeping power low enough to make optimal use of battery life, and small enough to fit the vehicle.

ADL Embedded Solutions is expert at leveraging our expertise in rugged, small form factor embedded design and works with clients in a variety of military and industrial settings helping to develop new and exciting autonomous applications including autonomous dataloggers, autonomous inspection and detection systems, civil defense robotics and drones, scientific research applications, agriculture harvest analysis, and much more.

  • Intelligent embedded computing
  • Autonomous inspection & detection systems
  • Small form factor embedded designs
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