Healthcare Overview

There are many reasons to choose high reliability, long life embedded SBC’s and systems for medical industry applications.  The use of COTS embedded SBC’s reduces time to market by enabling Medical OEM manufacturers to focus their expertise within their platform designs rather than computing engine technology.  ADL Embedded Solutions offers the latest in embedded solutions that provide the horsepower to drive systems like medical imaging where advanced graphics capabilities are a necessity for clear 2D and 3D rendering.

Rugged low power units are ideal for Point of Care systems and other mobile applications where portable diagnostic systems are needed.  Embedded  SBC’s have found service in clinical and biotech analyzers, Ophthalmology diagnostic machines, microbial detection, pharmaceutical dispensation, and mass spectrometry.

Medical Imaging

Magnetic Resonant Imaging (MRI), Echocardiogram / Ultrasound and Computed Tomography (CT) employ 2D and 3D real-time imaging.  Portable computed tomography  (CT) scanners are used aboard ambulances and aircraft for head trauma diagnosis. CT’s have found uses outside of medical, such as material inspection.  New technologies such as Molecular Imaging require the same 2D, 3D and computational power to provide timely imaging. These applications require high-bandwidth backplanes for data transfer to and from the SBC and work well with the 1×16 PEG PCIe lane capabilities (2.5Gb/s lanes) of the ADLGS45PC.  Similar applications requiring even greater bandwidth can move up to the ADLQM67PC (5Gb/s PCIe lanes) or in some instances, even make use of the ADLQM67PC integrated graphics core to eliminate the need for off-board vector processing or DSP hardware.

  • Timely imaging with 2D, 3D, and computational power
  • High-bandwidth backplanes for efficient data transfer
  • Eliminate off-board vector processing hardware

Medical Diagnostics & Laboratory Testing

Clinical and Biotech analyzers are used in laboratories worldwide for any number of automated analysis tasks.  Blood and chemical analyzers perform automated analysis.  The benefit of high performance embedded computers is the ability for OEM manufacturers to reduce the size of the equipment, thus reducing cost.  Medical / clinical analyzers have found use outside of the medical laboratory such as in portable microbial detection units and environmental test labs. Low power Intel ®Atom SBCs such as the ADLS15PC and ADLD25PC or higher performance SBCs such as the ADLGS45PC or ADLQM67PC in both PC/104 and 3.5” form factors can all be deployed successfully depending on specific I/O, power, and processing power requirements.

  • Automated analysis systems
  • Reduce size and cost of equipment
  • Portable microbial detection units

Point of Care

Point of Care Testing  (POCT)  benefits dramatically from the ability to provide mobile high performance computing power to the patient that would otherwise mean the patient may have to go to another location.  Low power and high performance portable computers enable many diagnostic devices to be brought near the patient or care center, thus improving time to results and reducing overall cost of diagnosis.  Many devices once limited to laboratories may be now used in the field to provide near instantaneous results of tests that historically take hours or even days to get back.

Low power Intel ®Atom SBCs such as the ADLS15PC and ADLD25PC or higher performance SBCs in PC/104 and 3.5” form factors all can be deployed successfully depending on specific I/O, power, and processing power requirements.

  • Mobile high-performance computing power
  •  Reduce diagnostics costs
  • Instantaneous test results

Systems Integration

ADL Embedded Solutions is well versed at not only defining SBC and peripheral expansion board solutions for most applications, but also designing, creating and integrating custom enclosures to meet both low and high IP requirements for extended temperature and rugged environments.