Industrial IoT Overview

Embedded PC Systems Connectivity to the Cloud

IoT is not just for consumer applications like connected-homes and smart-appliances. In fact, IoT embedded technology and IoT-ready products have already been in industrial use for many years and is known as industrial loT (lloT). Applications can be found in a broad array of military and Intel-driven industrial applications, such as vehicle fleet management, smart factories, smart buildings, train control, and various other embedded IoT uses.

What Can ADL’s Embedded lIoT Solutions Do for My Business?

ADL Embedded lIoT Solutions bring key feature advantages like:

  • Scalable processors for performance and thermal optimization
  • Real-time, local data analysis of sensor and equipment data for on-premise decision-making
  • And most recently, lIoT cloud connectivity for “Big Data” analysis to optimize lIoT-ready products and technologies

ADL Embedded Solutions leverages its vast expertise in rugged military and industrial SFF (small form factor) systems to develop a new generation of robust embedded lIoT systems featuring -40C to +85C with ruggedized shock and vibration tolerance.

From benign factory floor conditions, to embedded applications in harsh environments—trains, fleet vehicles, oil and gas platforms, unmanned vehicles, etc.—ADL Embedded Solutions’ Industrial Gateway Systems enable connectivity to the cloud from anywhere utilizing Embedded lIoT powered by Intel.

IIoT: Key SBC Features

Design flexibility is expanded through vast ecosystem of CPU and peripheral I/O building blocks to allow optimal balance of I/O and Cloud connectivity and other features.

Intelligent CPU controllers and gateways enable better local-decision making for equipment to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Strong foundation in CPU board design, system design and supporting firmware makes for reliable, robust intelligent controllers and IoT gateways for critical applications.

Close collaboration with customers allows for unique system configurations incorporating the latest hardware and customer-specific technologies.

Smart Factories

Cloud computing and lIoT-ready CPU controllers and gateways are helping to usher in a new industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) based on vastly increased sensor and equipment connectivity, connectivity to other sensors and equipment on the factory floor, as well as connectivity to the cloud.  From a hardware perspective CPU controllers and gateways are being embedded in increasingly harsh environments which demand wider operating temperature ranges and reduced susceptibility to long-term shock and vibration.

  • Increased sensor and equipment connectivity
  • Wider operating temperature ranges
  • Reduced susceptibility to shock and vibe

Fleet Management

According to Intel Corp., cloud computing and Big Data analytics will have a dramatic effect on the profitability and productivity of vehicle fleets of all types. This will be a direct consequence of improved efficiency, improved safety, higher reliability, and improved information technology. From a hardware perspective, lIoT-ready computers and gateways will form the backbone for sensor and vehicle connectivity to the cloud and help bring security benefits such as secure boot, secure runtime, and secure updates.

  • Increase profitability and productivity
  • Improve efficiency, safety, and reliability
  • Step-up security with IoT-ready computers

Systems Integration

ADL Embedded Solutions is well versed at not only defining SBC and peripheral expansion board solutions for most applications, but also designing, creating and integrating custom enclosures to meet both low and high IP requirements for extended temperature and rugged environments.