Transportation Overview

Embedded PC Solutions can be leveraged in many Transportation applications. Owing to their ruggedness and flexible I/O, what is deployed in one environment is often easily adaptable to another.

Transportation applications can range from solar powered ticket and information kiosk to tracking and remote power train control in all manners of transportation environments from automotive and Avionic to passenger and freight Railway.  For traffic management, interlinked Infrastructure is a common goal in urban environments, yet every implementation is as unique as the city in which it is installed, thereby putting the emphasis on rugged SBCs with flexible I/O again.

  • Automotive, avionic, and freight applications
  • Remote power train control
  • Predictive maintenance systems


From ruggedized mobile Internet routers and into the realm of positive train control, ADL Embedded Solutions deliver the reliability and security demanded by rugged railway applications.  Secure communications and control in parallel with unbridled wireless Internet access is common in passenger markets where each railcar is a potential node on the overall network.  SBCs such as the  ADLGS45PC have been deployed for both networking and positive train control (PTC) applications while lower power boards such as the ADLLX8PC have been used for deadman switch systems.  One of the keys to robust railway applications are SBCs that support Isolated Serial Communications, Isolated Digital and Analog I/O and Isolated Power Supplies complete the Railway Toolkit.

  • Positive train control
  • Rugged railway applications
  • Secure communications and control

Aeronautical Systems

Multifunction avionics systems for radio control, navigation and weather monitoring reduce clutter, allowing an air crew to remain attuned to critical needs.

Automated payload electronics can be tasked with high-value operations that handle sensitive or critical data.  The ADLQM67PC platform enables predictive analysis capabilities to in-flight weather radar systems, providing the benefit of a trained meteorologist to the flight deck without adding another seat. Older systems with PCI legacy requirements can bridge old and new hardware with the ADLGS45PC PCI/104-Express.

The ADLQM67PC brings advanced vector processing with Intel AVX instructions and reduces the need for specialized DSP hardware by bringing many post-acquisition processes like Doppler analysis and FFT to the high performance 256bit ring bus without the added latency of an off-board DSP peripheral.

  • Multifunction avionics systems
  • Automated payload electronics
  • Predictive analysis capabilities

Fleet Management

From basic geo-location to precision driver profiling, automotive fleets consume embedded systems in increasing numbers.  Intelligent vehicles that record and recall complete service and maintenance histories and historical operational logs require larger-than-handheld advanced systems. The embedded ADLS15PC platform’s power can be harnessed to monitor and record GPS or GSM/GPRS waypoint data in parallel with specialized environmental sensors that are synchronized with live CAN bus data gathered during vehicle operation.

  • Precision driver profiling
  • Intelligent vehicles that record and recall
  • Monitor and record GPS or GSM/GPRS waypoint data

Traffic Control Management

The ADLS15PC and ADLD25PC SBCs can enable interlinked traffic monitoring and control systems that share data to maximize the potential of road networks. These Atom SBCs are also targeted at License Plate Recognition (LPR) which may replace RFID payment systems for toll-ways and bridges in the future. The ADL855PC has been deployed for LPR with police departments in the US and Canada which are using LPR for real-time recognition of suspect vehicles and vehicle registration violations.

  • Interlinked traffic monitoring
  • Control systems that share data
  • License plate recognition

Systems Integration

ADL Embedded Solutions is well versed at not only defining SBC and peripheral expansion board solutions for most applications, but also designing, creating and integrating custom enclosures to meet both low and high IP requirements for extended temperature and rugged environments.