PC/104-Plus ADL855PC Pentium SBC

ADL Embedded Solutions offers a wide variety of PC/104 Single Board Computers (Embedded SBCs) in different form factors, including: our newest Edge-Connect Architecture, PC/104, PC/104-PLUS, PCI/104, PCI/104-EXPRESS, PCle/104, and 3.5” SBCs. With continued advances in modern wireless technology, our solutions make it easy to connect your technology to the Internet with our broad array of SBCs. As technology changes, our products have continued to evolve. Today, our SBCs are smaller and more efficient than ever before.

Processor options range from the latest Intel CORE i7 to the low-power Intel Atom architecture for optimal flexibility of embedded design solutions for our customers regardless of ruggedization and SFF needs.

ADL Embedded Solutions’ Embedded Single Board Computer Options

ADLE3800SEC Edge-Connect Embedded SBC


The Edge-Connect architecture allows for added I/O expansion and connectors in a variety of baseboard/breakout board configurations.

This ultra-compact form factor addresses the need that allows system designers to deploy intelligent computers for network, cyber-security edge devices and intelligent controllers for industrial automation of machinery and equipment.

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adl PCIe104 Embedded SBC


The PCIe/104™ specification contains a standard use, high-speed PCI Express® bus in stackable, modular embedded applications.

ADL Embedded Solutions’ PCIe/104 form factor embedded single board computer is featured on the latest CORE i5/i7 and Intel Atom boards. These products feature the latest I/O features, including HDMI, DP< DVI, and USB3.0. Intel CORE designs feature 4x PCIex1 lanes, 2x USB2.0, and a Type 1 PCIe/104 expansion bus with PCIex16 lanes which can be bifurcated into 2x PCIex8 for optimal high-performance applications like Camera Link, CoaxPress, 10G LAN, etc. Low-power Atom architectures feature a Type II PCie/104 expansion bus 4x PClex1 lanes, USB2.0, SATA, USB3.0, LPC, and RTC lanes.

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adl PCI104-Express Embedded SBC


The PCI/104-Express™ establishes a standard to use high speed PCI Express® bus in stackable, modular embedded applications.

The PCI/104-Express form factor embedded SBC is featured on our ADLD25PC (D525 Atom processor) and ADLGS45PC (Core 2 Duo) SBCs. They feature both PCIe and PCI expansion buses. The ADLGS45PC features a Type I PCIe bus while the ADLD25PC Atom features a Type II expansion bus.

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adl PCI104 Embedded SBC


PCI-104 is a PCI-only architecture that accommodates the advances of PCI devices in a small rugged form factor.

ADL Embedded Solutions continues to provide long-life support for legacy Intel processors like the Core Duo with 945GME chipset and Pentium-M with 855GME chipset well beyond after their intended Intel end-of-life dates.  The ADL945PC is built in the PCI/104 form factor and features and number of processor options.

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adl PC104-Plus Embedded SBC


The PC/104-Plus specification establishes a standard for the use of a high speed PCI bus in embedded applications.

ADL Embedded Solutions continues to provide life-long support for legacy Intel processors like the Pentium-M with 855GME chipset (ADFL855PC) and the Z510/Z530 Atom (ADLS15PC) well beyond after their intended Intel end-of-life dates. Both the ADL855PC and the ADLS15PC are built to the PC/104-Plus form factor with both PCI and ISA expansion busses. The ADLLX8PC features the AMD LX800 processor and is currently available through at least 2017 per AMD.

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adl 3.5" Board Embedded SBC


3.5” embedded single board computers measure at 146mm X 101.6mm and are designed for various embedded industrial applications.

The ADL Embedded Solutions 3.5-inch motherboard combines user functionality with rugged performance. This durability is extremely useful for energy grid security systems, government control stations, transportation applications, and other rugged environments.

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Increase Your Innovation With an Embedded Single Board Computer

If you’re working to develop new products for the Embedded Industry, an embedded single board computer from ADL Embedded Solutions is the perfect option to help you address issues like speed, ruggedness, extended temperature, power consumption, expandability, and much more. Request a free estimate today.