Preconfigured IoT Systems Overview

Embedded PC Systems Connectivity to the Cloud

IoT computing is not just for consumer applications like connected-homes and smart-appliances.  In fact, mobile computing and gateway products have been in industrial use for many years and find applications in a broad array of military and industrial applications like vehicle fleet management, smart factories, smart buildings, train control, etc.

Gateway products bring key feature advantages like:

  • Scalable processors for performance and thermal optimization
  • Real-time, local data analysis of sensor and equipment data for local decision-making
  • And most recently, IoT cloud connectivity for “Big Data” analysis to enable exciting new capabilities and efficiencies.

ADL Embedded Solutions has used its expertise in rugged military and industrial SFF (small form factor) systems to develop a new generation of rugged gateway products featuring -40C to +85C and rugged shock and vibration tolerance.

IoT Ready Gateway

From benign factory floor conditions, to embedded applications in harsh environments—trains, fleet vehicles, oil and gas platforms, unmanned vehicles, etc.—ADL Embedded Solutions Industrial Gateways enable connectivity to the cloud from ANYWHERE.

ADLEPC-1600 IoT-Ready Embedded PC

The ADLEPC-1600 is based on Intel’s first System-on-Chip (SoC) E3800-series Atom processors which use Intel’s 22nm 3D Tri-gate process. It offers vastly superior computer performance and energy efficiency and Intel’s 7th generation graphics engine for stunning graphics performance. Improved power management capabilities result in standby power measured in milliwatts with days of standby time.

Product Details

ADLEPC-1500 Mini Embedded PC

ADLEPC-1500 Mini Embedded PC

The ADLEPC-1500 is based on the compact ADLE3800SEC E3800-series Edge-Connect Atom SBC. At only 3.4” x 3.2”, the ADLEPC-1500 is a full-feature embedded PC targeted for unmanned, Industrial controls, robotics, traffic management and surveillance. Its wide voltage and temperature range make it ideal for a variety of applications and environments.

Product Details