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Our embedded products help address challenges
such as speed, size, extended temperature, power consumption,
ruggedness, expandability and more.

Smarter Choices with Long-Lived, Available Products

The Importance of TCO

The concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is designed to help buyers make more informed financial decisions. Rather than looking at just the purchase price of a product, TCO looks at the overall and complete cost from purchase to disposal including the expected costs that will be incurred during the entire lifetime of that product – such as service, repair and insurance. Understanding the importance of TCO is key in any buyers’ purchasing decision.

The Importance of TCO
You get what you pay for

You Get What You Pay For

Buying for the right product at the right price adds both value and quality especially when overall purchase, operating and maintenance costs (TCO) are factored in. But, finding that right product is another matter. We can help. Our collaborative process with your team is integral in developing workable solutions that address your cost and technical constraints. Together, we will come up with solutions to help minimize risks. Bring us your toughest problem and we’ll solve it better, faster and smarter.

The Right Product, The Right Solution

Built on a legacy of small form factor (SFF) rugged embedded designs, ADL Embedded Solutions’ designers and engineers are well-versed at finding and designing the right hardware solutions that meet the needs of our customers. With a foundation of SFF CPU boards, -40C to 85C designs, 7-15 year available processors, custom BIOS and firmware services, as well as turnkey system and chassis design services – we can provide the results you’re looking for!

The right product, the right solution