PC/104 Overview


PC/104TM is a stackable, embedded computer standard with a compact footprint and stackable bus architecture. Unlike a regular desktop PC which uses a backplane, PC/104 modules mate together via stackable ISA, PCI, and PCIe bus connectors. PC/104’s success in embedded applications is namely due to:

 Compact Size  3.6 by 3.8 Inches (90 x 96 mm) Module Size
 Self-Stacking  Expands Without Backplanes or Card Cages
 Rugged, Reliable Connectors  Reliable in Harsh Environments; 1000+ Mating Cycles as Compared to <100 for COMs
 Four-Corner Mounting Holes  Assymetrical Layout with Increased Resistance to Shock and Vibration
 Fully PC Compatible  Reduced Development Costs and Time-To-Market

PC/104 Bus Evolution

PC/104 stackable embedded PCs have followed the desktop PC leveraging on the hardware and software support developed for this popular platform. (Click form factor below for more details).

Down Stack Configuration Examples

The flexibility and expandability of the bus and mechanical layout allow many different stack configurations to support an array of diverse project requirements. See full specification for more examples.

PC/104 Specifications

The PC/104 specifications are maintained by the PC/104 Consortium. Click on any of the links below to the review the specifications for each of the PC/104 bus structures.

Custom SBCs & Peripherals For Optimal Size & I/O Configurations

PCIe/104 ADLQM67PC with Custom I/O Board

Space constrained solutions can be optimized by way of custom I/O boards that help collapse multiple I/O boards on the stack down to one board as illustrated in the example at right with an oversized I/O peripheral card. Alternatively, custom, single board SBC solutions can also be created by ADL Embedded Solutions for optimal size and I/O configurations.                               

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