Vision Systems Overview

Embedded Vision is Everywhere! 

From factory floor machine vision systems for automation and robotics to commercial drone applications for science and agriculture and military surveillance embedded Vision is Everywhere!

ADL Embedded Solutions, Inc. is well-versed in all aspects of embedded vision design – high-speed image capture, data storage, processing, system design and thermal management.

Using the latest image capture interfaces like CoaXPress and Cameralink technologies, ADL has been putting vision solutions together for our customers for many years. This includes systems using NTSC/PAL, SDI and HD-SDI to high-performance framegrabbers.

Vision Applications include:

  • Hyperspectral, Multispectral, SWIR or LiDAR
  • Commercial Drone Payload Vision Computers
  • Machine Vision for Factory Automation
  • Traffic Technology
  • Security Monitoring and Control
  • Unmanned Systems – High-Resolution Image/Video Capture
  • High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection
  • Very High-Resolution Line-Scan Image Acquisition
  • Military and Defense ISR
  • High Frame-Rate Motion Analysis and Recording

ADLVIS-1700 Series Vision Systems

CoaXPress Vision System

ADLVIS-1700-CXP CoaXPress Vision System

Smallest 2-CH CoaXPress board, ADLQM87PC Quad i7-4700EQ SBC,
1250 MB/s image capture, 4x removable SATA drives, PoCXP (Power-over-CXP)
Compact 5” x 7” x 7.6” dimensions

Cameralink Vision System

ADLVIS-1700-CL Camera Link Vision System

4-CH Camera Link card, ADLQM87PC Quad i7-4700EQ SBC,
up to 4 Base Camera Link cameras, 4x removable SATA drives
Compact 5” x 7” x 7.6” dimensions

CoaXPress PCIE/104 Vision Board Solution


The ADLVIS-1660 Dual CXP-6 is a rugged, small form factor (SFF) CoaXPress solution intended for industrial and military applications. It’s a two-board PCIe/104 solution featuring a Quad Intel i7-4700EQ processor with a dual CXP-6 module using the x16 PCIe/104 bus resulting is a stunning 1,250 MB/s effective camera bandwidth.

Features include small outline coaxial cabling for DIN1.0/2.3 connectors optimized for SFF design. It supports PoCXP, is GENICAM compliant and includes Euresys Memento event logging for efficient application software development. A second CXP-6 module can easily be added to support four 1xCXP-6 cameras or two 2xCXP-6 cameras.

Product Details