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MIL-STD Ruggedized Small Form Factor Custom Embedded System Design & Integration Computer System

Embedded system design needs, challenges, and constraints can vary widely. These days, both military and industrial organizations are challenged with the need for ever-shrinking SFF (small form factor) systems, all the while needing to bring higher levels of performance and intelligence to the “edge” of the network fabric. Unmanned autonomous vehicles of every type now permeate the military, civil defense, scientific, agricultural, and other industrial arenas. Next-generation, high-definition imaging also cuts across many industries and applications from drones to healthcare to industrial automation and inspection.

ADL Embedded Solutions supports customers in all of these industries plus many others. ADL has decades of real world, extensive experience designing SFF embedded systems for military applications with stringent MIL-STD requirements for ground, avionics, and extreme rugged environments. And, we leverage this expertise into high-performance, industrial embedded systems products with modified ruggedization requirements, yet every bit as demanding size and connectivity needs.

Keys to Rugged Embedded System Design

Our embedded system boards provide unparalleled speed and responsiveness. Intense client collaboration results in a fully tested, finished embedded systems solution that is market-ready within three to six months.

Our embedded systems products (custom designed by ADL Embedded Solutions) combine American innovation with German engineering to ensure our products are mission critical reliable in environments where failure is not an option.

The inventive design capabilities of our embedded system products team ensures specifications are met with a complete solution that meets and exceeds expectations, no matter how specialized the application may be.

When it comes to embedded systems boards, customization to adapt based on our client’s unique needs is our specialty. We provide highly tailored solutions that are custom built to perfectly address each client’s temperature, size, speed, and connectivity requirements.

Experience meets limitless thinking with our compact embedded systems designs. These cutting edge embedded systems products also include backwards compatibility and modular expansion capabilities designed to evolve and adapt as your needs change.

System Solutions

Rugged Industrial (Oil and Gas) Embedded Computer System

Custom Systems

We address unique customer requirements for I/O, mechanical, or environmental applications.

Industrial loT Mini-Embedded PC (ADLEPC-1500-WIFI)

Embedded PC Systems

Optimized for Industrial IoT mobile computing (gateway), networking, and communications.

Rugged Systems

Designed to withstand any environment for MIL-STD and rugged industrial applications.

Vision Systems

We use the latest image capture interfaces like CoaXPress and Cameralink technologies.

System Checklist

ADL Embedded Solutions' Product Guide

Designing and managing complex embedded systems throughout their life cycle is no easy task. As you discover real-world problems that need to be resolved and identify potential impact failures that can occur, you need help finding elegant embedded system solutions that satisfy the needs of your customers and legacy technology systems.

No matter where you are in your development cycle, ADL Embedded Solutions is here to help. We partner with you to design and produce a custom embedded system that evolves and adapts to your changing needs throughout your embedded systems entire life cycle.

At ADL, we are smarter by design. Fill out our online embedded system RFQ checklist today to speak with a qualified representative and receive a free quote.

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